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Want the best and brightest result? Get the best and brightest electrician! And Lincolnwood 24 Hour Electrician is the electrician service that can provide them. We have whatever your electrical wiring may be needing, including both residential electricians and commercial services. A licensed, insured electrician is a guarantee for every customer. Find the best, quickly and easily. Call or click now!



Are you planning an installation? If so, why not plan to use our electrical installation service? You'll get the best results with your electric panel installation, light fixture installation, or outlet installation. Need a power restoration or electrical repair after hours? Our 24-hour electrician has no after-hours! They'll make sure your wiring repair, light switch repair, or circuit breaker repair is done right!


Our team is on standby for 24 hours every day of the week.

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Based in Lincolnwood but our operations cover the entire Cook County.

Established Year 1999


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